Empowering Businesses Through Collaboration Nationwide

Welcome to Opus Organization, Inc., where we specialize in cultivating opportunities and partnerships for diverse businesses. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is clear: to empower, connect, and inspire business owners across the USA and beyond. In the wake of a rapidly changing world, we have ...

Connecting Dreams, Igniting Success

We pride ourselves on being a catalyst for success. Our mission is centered around two core pillars that drive our commitment to excellence: connecting diverse businesses and mentoring youth development. These fundamental services form the cornerstone of our organization, and they are designed to create a dynamic ...

Personal Connections

Invariably, people do business with people they know and like.


Our members are sought via personal connections and referrals only.


Our members are seasoned and every member is supportive, focused, hardworking, respectful, and has a spirit of comradery. Their strength lies in working together collectively for the common good.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

OPUS’ Value Proposition is simple – there are not many business collectives with a group of successful MBE’s joining forces to support each others success and advance the growth of their communities. The OPUS model is at the precipice of a new business model advancing diverse business and supporting corporate America:

Experience, Value, Results

There is a particular focus on diversity for many corporations – OPUS is pitted to meet this need with experienced and highly accomplished MBE’s that understand the need to deliver value and achieve results as the cornerstone for success. A literal “conglomerate of opportunity” and a “winwin” scenario for all sides.

Industry Focus, Access to Talent

Water seeks its own level and the carefully curated, hand picked membership of OPUS are intentional by design. Every member has different industry expertise, hard working and accomplished in their own right. Respectful with a spirt of comradery however focused on delivering results by working cooperatively and collaboratively for the common good.

Quality, Community and Service

OPUS members continuously exceed expectations for product/service quality, it’s a requirement of the group. They are dedicated professionals committed to the community where they live and serve. When an Opus member wins, the group wins, the community prospers.


Opus Organization is a group of diverse business that have joined together to promote the economic growth of its members, share opportunities, pursue collaborations and seek to work with corporations and organizations that champion our mission.